Flight in a Robin 200 at Zoersel. (Belgium) Photo: Eric Woudenberg

Catching a Scooter at Wittmund. (Germany) Photo: Hans Scholtens

Everything for a great shot.

Photographing the Antonov 225 at Schipol. (the Nederlands)

"Selfie" with a Seaking from the Belgium Air Force.

Adam Marx 

Born in Soest on April 1989, on a 20min drive from Soesterberg airbase, (Closed) well known as Camp New Amsterdam.

He started as a aviation enthusiast thanks to his father. Bought his first camera to capture the cool, weird or special visitors that made a visit to the airbase.    

Now he is visiting air bases over the globe to catch that special moment to make a fantastic shot!

Next to the interest of military aviation, Adam also likes to make photo's of automotive speed machines and the wonders of the world "Nature & Wildlife"


The basic goal for me is to make a creative and classic photo from a different angle.

"The important thing is not the camera but the eye."



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